Ramin Gaysamov


Date of birth: 19.09.2014

Diagnosis: Cerebral palsy hyperkinetic form

It is necessary: EUR 1 313 for massage, systematic exercises and medicines

Ramin is 4 years old. He has the diagnosis of a cerebral palsy, a hyperkinetic form. We repeatedly went through rehabilitation in such centers as:

- RTs "Hope" Nizhnekamsk;

- hospital treatment in Neurologic hospital No. 8 Kazan;

- in hospital No. 9 of Speransky in Moscow;

- center of intensive rehabilitation "OLINEK” in Warsaw, Poland;

- center of reflex locomotion KINEPRO in Olomouc, Czech Republic;

- complex rehabilitation courses in Yelabuga, Naberezhnye Chelny, Nizhnekamsk organized by mothers of children with disabilities.

And also 2 times a week we visit the pool in Naberezhnye Chelny.

After each treatment we see positive results and together we rejoice at each small success. Our kid learned how  to hold the head, to turn over. The back considerably got stronger, and the most important - he kept intelligence. Ramin understands the turned speech. He is very open, easily makes contact. Ramin is a cheerful kid. During his life our kid went through big difficulties. Ramin is not able to sit, crawl or walk independently yet! But he has a huge desire to learn how to do all of it. Our doctors say that regular intensive treatment is necessary for him. However each rehabilitation course costs considerable funds. Till this time we handled this, but today our family experiences financial difficulties. We really need your help in fundraising for the next rehabilitation course! Ramin wants to walk! Without your help and your prayers we won’t be able to make his dream come true! Please, help Ramin!

* If there is more money that were collected for one child than it is required, we will direct money to the treatment of another child.

** In order to avoid inappropriate use, we do not publish official documents on the website (invoices for payment, extracts from the clinical record, etc.), but we are ready to provide necessary information on inquiry.


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