Danil Klimov

Date of birth: 16.04.2014

​Diagnosis: Cerebral palsy spastic tetraparesis

It is necessary: EUR 1 258 for massage and systematic exercises, medicines

From letters to the organization "Mercy" of RT:

“I, Gulnaz Zagidullina Bayazitovna, gave birth to my child Danila Klimov Sergeyevich on November 16, 2014. He was developing normally up to 6 months. On the third week after getting DPT vaccine he turned blue, became sluggish, began to vomit. Blood tests showed hemoglobin - 50, leukocytes - 1.2, thrombocytes - 10. We were sent to the Republic hospital with the expected diagnosis - leukemia. The diagnosis was not confirmed. My son spent 3 months in the hospital without a certain diagnosis. On January 1, 2015 he had severe convulsions. Then my child lost all skills and all reflexes including sucking. Danil was like a vegetable. He couldn’t move any muscle.

After discharge doctors strictly forbade to try to rehabilitate the child. I didn’t listen to them and I don’t regret at all. Almost immediately I invited the massage therapist. We tried to complete 4 courses. But there was no result. Then we decided to try reflex locomotion. For learning this technique we went to KINEPRO clinic in Olomouc, Czech Republic. We were doing reflex locomotion at home 4 times a day for 1.5 year. Thanks to it our son began to turn over, crawl, rise and walk with support. This is all what he’s able to do for now. Reflex locomotion stopped to work for him. Danil grew up from it. Rehabilitation is necessary for him.

* If there is more money that were collected for one child than it is required, we will direct money to the treatment of another child.

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