Veronika Pashina

Date of birth: 07.03.2003

Diagnosis: cerebral palsy, spastic tetraparesis, eses epilepsy.

It is necessary: EUR 1 452 for massage, systematic exercises, acupuncture, hirudotherapy, sessions with a speech therapist and a speech pathologist, medicines, hygiene diapers of 15-30 kg, a wheelchair.

From the letter to the organization "Mercy" of RT:

"Childbirth was in time, heavy, the head did not fall. I couldn’t give birth so she was extruded. She was large. Her weight was 3920 grams. When she was born, she didn’t breathe. Immediately, the baby was transferred to reanimation under medical ventilator. She was there for 2.5 weeks. During this time there were spasms. Then she was transferred to the department of newborn pathology. When our baby was one month old, she was discharged, but wasn’t able to suck from a small bottle. I was taught how to use a feeding tube. After a month of tortures I taught my daughter how to eat from a small bottle. Nobody said that something was going wrong. When Veronica was three months old she couldn’t hold her head steadily. It started to disturb me, but the neurologist was assuring me that everything is normal and delay of all skills is a result of difficult childbirth, and that the child will do everything but later than usual. She was saying that for 11 months. And then, after 11 months, she sent us to Kazan for diagnosis. When Veronika turned 1 year she got a disability. At first we went to Kazan for treatment, but later she had epilepsy attacks, and was forbidden to do any procedures. We stopped them with hormonal medicines. Then 2 times a year we started going to RTs "Hope". There were no improvements. Then epilepsy attacks renewed. They have stopped and reappeared for 13 years. Then we went to an epileptologist from St. Petersburg. Now Veronika gets fee-paying treatment at the meetings of the organization "Children are Angels". She also takes anticonvulsant medicines. It turned out that doctors were doing EEG in the day-time, although all attacks were occuring at night. Because of it my child had attacks in the day-time. We didn’t treat epilepsy with a syndrome of ESES and that’s why her development stands still. But now we’ve changed. All results of treatment got better as we began to take the necessary anticonvulsant therapy and do the necessary procedures like systematic exercises, massage, sessions with a speech therapist, acupuncture and hirudotherapy. All of it Veronika has to do every other 2-3 months”.

* If there is more money that were collected for one child than it is required, we will direct money to the treatment of another child.

** In order to avoid inappropriate use, we do not publish official documents on the website (invoices for payment, extracts from the clinical record, etc.), but we are ready to provide necessary information on inquiry.


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