Khadija Shakhlamazova

Date of birth: 14.08.2014

Diagnosis: Cerebral palsy spastic tetraparesis

It is necessary: EUR 1 866 for massage and systematic exercises, medicines

From the letter to the organization "Mercy" of RT:

"I, mother Malakhat Shakhlamazova, gave birth to my daughter at the age of 39 years. Childbirth was heavy because of placental abruption, formation of a hematoma and hemorrhage. As a result my girl was born on the 27th week of pregnancy with the help of Caesarean section. A consequence of such childbirth is 4th degree of brain hemorrhage. She was in resuscitation for a month and in the department of newborn pathology. After discharge my daughter was getting massage and drug treatment. She was observed by a neurologist. My daughter got diagnosis only after a year when she couldn’t hold her head or learn elementary skills. Since that time she undergoes rehabilitation in "Hope" and "Logos". We see the results even though they’re small! When she was 2 years old she began to turn with back, thanks to systematic exercises in RTs "Nadezhda" by the instructor Olga Nikolaevna. Now our daughter is 4 years old. She can’t sit, crawl, walk, or say separate words. The intelligence is kept. She understands everything and tries to repeat. She likes to watch cartoons, goes to the children’s development center "Genius". But we have to do more and buy a lot of devices for development. One such device is S.W.A.S.H. (the device of a coxofemoral joint) which will help our girl to strengthen back muscles. We received devices for standing and sitting from Social Insurance Fund. Now we want our daughter to learn how to crawl. But so far it is impossible because spastic has increased and there is no strength in her hands. But we don’t give up and we will try to go ahead with help of exercises and devices!"

* If there is more money that were collected for one child than it is required, we will direct money to the treatment of another child.

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